The biggest achievement of humanity is not science and the miracles that it has produced, but democracy and freedom. It is thanks to these that free inquiry became possible, scientific achievements were made and the world emerged from the Dark Ages. These are the biggest treasures of mankind.  If they are lost, everything will be lost and humanity will revert to barbarity.

This freedom is now under attack. The enemy is Islam. Muslims are not hiding their intention that they want to dominate the world and get rid of democracy.

You would be wrong if you think Muslims are only a minority in the West and hence pose no threat to freedom. A highly motivated minority, “extremists,” always overcomes a complacent majority. There are many studies that show the minority preference consistently wins.

After World War 1 in Germany, the Nazis were a minority. But they quickly become the largest party and took over the country because they were motivated. Young Germans flocked to the Nazi party. Its members enjoyed a sense of unity, identity and belonging that came with membership, along with the fact that it provided an excellent outlet for their anger that they directed at the Jews.

When Muhammad migrated to Medina, he had less than 200 followers- less than 3% of the population of the town. But those 200 people were motivated. They enjoyed a sense of unity, identity and belonging and had someone to vent their anger against: the Jews. The young Arabs flocked to the mosque. Some people don’t want freedom. They want to be ruled like herd with authority. These people are attracted to fascistic ideologies such as Nazism, communism and Islam.

There are already over 3% Muslims in many Western countries. But they are not strong yet because not all Muslims are extremist. The great majority of Muslims are more concerned about living their lives than promoting Islam. However, that is not a consolation because these so called moderate Muslims can be easily radicalized and it can happen overnight. All it takes is to show them the Quran and tell them what Allah expects from them, and they can suddenly become radicalized. Virtually all the suicide bombers and terrorists come from this class of Muslims – the ex-moderates. Once 3% of population becomes radicalized Muslims, the war is lost. We lose and they win.

If we lose this war, humanity will lose. The world will plunge into a dark age and history will be re-written where all human achievements, our cultures, arts, philosophy and science will be obliterated and discarded as jaheliyah (ignorance) and Islam will be portrayed as the redeemer of mankind.  There will be persecution of non-Muslims, even though they may be the majority, and Muslims will fall on each other and devour one another like mad dogs, each trying to impose his version of the true Islam on others.   With all the nuclear arsenals of the world in their hands the end of this planet will be sealed.

We are living minutes to the midnight.  We need to counter the Islamic jihad and stop this madness now.  We need an army of brave men and women who are not afraid to stand up against the enemy and fight back his aggression just as resolutely as them. For that we need to raise the awareness of the people in regards to the threat that is hanging over their head.

I don’t believe in violence because it is foolish and it is the enemy’s turf. Islam cannot be defeated with violence. Muhammad did not invent violence, but by combining it with deception and zealotry he perfected it. However, pacifism does not work either, especially when your enemy lacks conscience. Pacifism would not have stopped the Nazis or the communists and it will not stop Muslims. Turning the other cheek to a bully will only embolden him.  We must dismiss these naïve ideas when dealing with ideologies of domination.  The bully will slap all your cheeks with pleasure and once in power he will slit your throat.

If Muslims resort to violence in the west, which they will eventually, because it’s the teaching and the sunna of their prophet, we must be ready to counter them with a disproportionate response. When it comes to that stage our police and our governments become helpless. They are already helpless to control a few thousand Muslim rioters.  It is up to the citizens to defend their country and their freedom.

Those who are familiar with the history of Muhammad will attest that this is how he came to power in Arabia and how Islam conquered and subdued other nations.  Muhammad bragged that he become victorious with terror. That is how Muslims plan to win and dominate the world.

If this sounds scary, it is.  But it does not have to be this way. We humans write our own history. We are rational people. There is a better way that does not require bloodshed. We don’t raise a sword against darkness. We light a candle. Lies can be demolished with truth.  Once truth is known Islam will collapse. No one wants to live in lies.  The Muslims who are learning the truth are leaving Islam. If we can find a way to get the truth to more Muslims, more of them will leave.

The Internet has been a great boon.  However, it has its limitations. The sites that reveal the truth of Islam are blocked in almost all Islamic countries. Furthermore, most Muslims don’t have access to the Internet or just don’t read.

We need something bigger – something that can reach to hundreds of millions or perhaps billions of people. Even the non-Muslims must learn this truth. Only a well written and well produced movie has such a power. We need a biopic of Muhammad that portrays him the way he was.

The truth about the founder of Islam is out. It is recorded in books written by his early followers. Despite that he is unknown to everyone, including to the majority of Muslims. The reason this truth is hidden is because it is ugly.  Islam thrives thanks to the mystery surrounding its founder.

The movie I am proposing is based on authentic sources. It is shocking and revealing.  No Muslim can watch it and keep his faith.  Of course their first reaction will be to deny it, but they can’t because the movie will be fully referenced. Once the truth is known Islam will fall. That is the power of truth.

I share the belief that truth will set us free. If you share this belief too, please support this historic project. It is historic because it will change the course of history. It is not just a movie, it is a revolution.  It is the beginning of the end of Islam. With truth out, Islam’s days will be numbered.

Everything is ready to go. All I need is money. I have already raised two million dollars.  I need eight more.  This is not much in this industry. But it can have a tremendous effect in the world. Please read the Treatment to learn the gist of the story.

If you know someone whom you think might be interested to invest in this movie,  please inform them.  My hope is to find one person who will put the entire money and join me as a co-producer.  Alternatively, I will have to form a company and sell shares.



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